Conference Room & Virtual Office Rental

Conference Rooms For Rent Lansing MI

MAREKco’s corporate conference room and virtual office are conveniently located downtown Lansing. This is an ideal location for anyone looking to start or expand their business.

Our corporate conference room is available for rent and can be used for meetings, training, and other business-related matters. The room is modern and spacious and even equipped with desks for one-on-one meetings. Catering in is also welcomed.

Virtual offices are the modern solution for startups and small businesses that need the benefits of a physical office without actually having an office. You’ll get the professional image without the expenses of one.

Benefits of virtual offices for startups and small businesses:

1. Corporate Mailing Address – You’ll have a physical office for correspondence and mail collection.

2. Business Legitimacy – People trust legitimate, professional businesses. Unfortunately, home-based businesses aren’t as accepted in today’s world. A corporate mailing address and office meeting space will add legitimacy to your business.

3. Save Money – A virtual office will help you save on overhead and technology costs that you otherwise would be paying for. You’ll also save both time and money on less commuting.

4. Flexibility & Convenience – You and your employees will have the flexibility of scheduling appointments and meetings in your virtual office at your convenience. Employees can make themselves available at crucial times and work a certain amount of hours from the office.

Having a physical office may look appealing, but the benefits of a virtual office make it a great choice for startups and small businesses still finding their niche in today’s competitive market.

Take advantage of all the services only MAREKco can provide. For more information about our corporate conference room and virtual office spaces, please contact us today.

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